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You Think You Know

...but you have no idea

8 January 1983
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Rule Number One: This is MY LiveJournal!
Rule Number Two: If you have a problem with MY LiveJournal then don't read MY LiveJournal!
Rule Number Three: If you have something to say on MY LiveJournal then I have the right to delete, screen, and/or tell you to fuck off, in no uncertain terms.
Rule Number Four: If you don't like something that I did on MY LiveJournal, for example: Post 15 times in an hour, tell a random story, or bitch about you, then please refer back to rule number two. If you don't remember what that said and/or are too lazy to look back let me repeat. Then don't read MY LiveJournal!

For all of you out there that say this is a public forum, actually it's NOT. LiveJournal's are private pieces of property. You can friend and defriend, lock or unlock whatever you want on a LiveJournal but f'locking does not make it "private". Not f'locking it does not make it "public". I am giving you access to, wait for it, MY LiveJournal by giving you MY LiveJournal name. So, for all of you who may disagree with my rules, then do not friend me please.